“This site is a small insight into the world of the National Redwing Dinghy and the people who sail them.

The Redwing is a traditional one-design clinker-built14 ft. (4.27m) racing dinghy sailed by a crew of two.

The rig is a bermudian sloop without spinnaker but with one trapeze for the crew. Although the class is very small there are fleets of Redwings at Looe, Cornwall, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly and Tenby, Pembrokeshire which are raced enthusiastically, often all year round. The Redwing is light & fast for a clinker dinghy but is very durable and long-lived. Most of those built are still sailing, including No.2, built in 1939.”

Please click on the following link to access the web site for this year's championship to be helt in the Isles of Scilly


Below is a link for the Redwing Yearbook 2016 and 2014

2016 Yearbook

2014 Yearbook